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Deadlift Do 6–10 single-speed pulls with bar weight at 50% of your best pull—band at top is about 30%.Strength Speed To build strength speed or slow strength, use more band tension than bar weight.Maximal strength is developed at low velocity by producing high force.Now, let’s get into the methods of accommodating resistance Peak Contraction Maximal effort is at the weakest point of the strength curve (e.g., when using the pec deck and leg press).static resistance is any exercise with force that has no movement.I'm not sure the point of your question, and I suspect that you already know the answer.Accommodating Resistance You must train with the correct amount of tension throughout the entire range of movement.

It is NOT a question on the ISSA TEST as all test questions are true or false & multiple choice.The greatest effort must be at the start, but approaching lockout (finish) it becomes easier due to the force-velocity.Accentuation This is training only in the range of a main sport movement that requires max strength.Gustav Zander in 1879) provided maximum tension throughout the range of motion with a special-shaped cam.Isokinetic machines provide accommodating resistance at a constant speed.

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