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(Topsoil is full of microbes that love to munch away on organic material, and don't forget the earthworms.

Those earthworms don't get their calories from rock and clay!

As more and more of that rock is weathered by the mechanical effects of freezing and thawing, the chemical and mechanical action of roots, or by other means, the soil is deepened.

Sediment, in the form of dust, would normally come from very dry areas where organic material would be quickly oxidized.Fewer roots now reach the parent rock, and, in the bottom layers, the organic content of the soil is greatly reduced.That means less chemical weathering from bacteria and fungi.Geologically speaking, any given patch of land is seldom in equilibrium for long.Either it is collecting sediment or being eroded away, usually the latter. Water-borne sediment will be washed in from higher ground, perhaps hills and mountains hundreds of miles away.

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