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But let them make their own decisions about their personal lives, she advises.

DO have ongoing conversations Talking about safe sex isn't a one-time chat, said Walker.

They said sexually active teens also benefit from parental discussions about sexual and reproductive health.

"Youth want to hear from their parents and overwhelmingly say that parents matter," the editorial authors concluded.

That association was stronger for girls and stronger for adolescents who discussed sexual topics with their moms.

The study authors also reported that the link between parent communication and a teen's contraceptive and condom use was significantly stronger for girls than boys."Results of this study confirm that parent-adolescent sexual communication is a protective factor for youth," they wrote. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47 percent of all high school students in the U. have had sex at least once, and one-third are sexually active.

DO start talking early"I really try to emphasize with parents to start early so it's never awkward," said Dr.

Anna-Barbara Moscicki, chief of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine and professor of pediatrics at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

UCLA's Moscicki agreed: "Personalizing it - that's what really turns kids off."Moscicki said, instead, if you want to start a conversation, try referring to an article you read or something you're watching on television.

There have to be conversations saying, 'I do trust your judgment, but sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you need help.'"Never confront a teen with questions such as, "Are you having sex? " She said tell a teen you recognize it's his or her private decision."Tell them, 'I just want to make sure you guys are safe.

I care about you.' The remarks can be more about talking about sexuality rather than making inquiries," said Moscicki, who added that if they can't approach you and get accurate information, they may be experiencing peer pressure, getting their information from an ill-informed friend, or turning to undependable online sources.

The idea is that if you start talking early on, as your child gets older, talking about sex and its consequences will not be a taboo subject."Let's not wait till your 13-year-old is pregnant to have a conversation," said Moscicki.

She also reassured parents that talking about sex does not make your kid want to have sex.

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"There is a lot of literature that shows that."DO update your knowledge Parents need to be informed before they talk with their kids about sex, said Dr.

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