They are old individual cupcake/muffin boxes that I saved, and they actually still smell like cupcakes!

You haven’t lived until you’ve allowed yourself to be pampered aboard this private crewed yacht.

Top it off with a few sprinkles of glitter (glitter makes everything better) onto the Podge, and let it dry. Roll up the lotto ticket into a very tight scroll, and tape it so it won’t unravel.

Choose the right species It’s important to know the type of wood, which will make it easy to determine how long it will take to dry as well as how strong and hot the fire will burn.

(Click on photo to enlarge) Using the paint marker, draw your design on the ornament.

I went ahead and painted the letters over with Mod Podge using the paint brush.

Every charter itinerary, drink list and meal plan is tailored to suit guest preferences.

We also offer a variety of meal plans for different budgets, including “captain only” where guest prepare their own food.

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I think these balls would make cute party favors if you are throwing a holiday party, too!

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