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Like an All-American Jesus, the college junior poses in a lawn chair, shades down, legs spread. “If you’ve got some nice thighs, why not show ‘em off? At the behest of one of his friends with a legit camera, Riebel entered a Chubbies contest searching for its next “man model.” The winner earns a two-year modeling contract, plus free shorts for life. With a penchant for overalls and a “Fear the Mullet” tee, his look is college-broke Jared Allen, which perhaps fits Chubbies’ preppie-to-schleppy bro appeal.His Christ-like mane rests on his defensive lineman shoulders, while his six-year-old cowboy boots accentuate the shortness of his star spangled shorts. A global business student and football player at St. The Bloomington native with a mulleted past is unsure of his post-college plans, though the cubicle lifestyle sounds lame.To make sure they started spring and summer sales strong, the founders sent emails to fraternity presidents and the heads of other social groups on college campuses, letting them know about the shorts.“Invariably, the guys who responded to us were the fraternity presidents and heads of these groups saying ‘Hey, I know a guy who’s interested, and it happens to be me,’ and immediately they were on board,” Montgomery says.An […]In the year since its completion, the Hell Square luxury condo at 145 Ludlow Street has been without a commercial tenant.

“All the guys drop their shorts, get in a circle, and sing it together.

Tomorrow, Delancey Street Associates and Hire NYC are holding an information session for the community about retail employment opportunities that will come alongside a completed Essex Crossing.

The overview will include enterprises such as Target, Trader Joe’s, Splitsville Lanes, Regal Cinema, and NYU Langone.

Their website confirms the news, announcing the opening date as tomorrow at 11am. We are here to take men everywhere out of the “Capri” ages of shortswear and back to the pure shorts awesomeness of the 70s and 80s.

Co-founded in 2011 by Kyle Hency, Rainer Castillo, Preston Rutherford, and Tom Montgomery, the San Francisco-based Chubbies specializes in bro-style nut-huggers. Guys like Larry Bird, Tom Selleck, John Mc Enroe, the entire NBA in the 80s – they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these modern-day Shants. Back in college, the four guys would wear retro short-shorts they found in thrift stores and had handed down from their dads and uncles.

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