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Whether your kitchen costs ,000 or ,000, the quality of construction will make the difference between a kitchen you’ll love to work in and one that’s a nuisance every time you open a drawer or door.

If you’re thinking of having a new kitchen installed, you’re probably already reeling at the potential expense.

Australia-wide, the average cost of kitchen renovations is around ,000, but in Sydney, the average cost of a basic kitchen renovation is approximately ,000 and a standard kitchen costs close to ,000.

Pricing your kitchen Given the wide range of prices, how do you choose a kitchen you’ll enjoy without breaking the bank?

You should also allow for any making good of damaged plaster and flooring ect.

A call out charge may be add on jobs totaling less than £100. may incur an addition charge see building costs and charges Calculate tillers labour cost for the installation of wall and floor tiles by adding the total unit costs of the required jobs from the table below.

the overall tiling cost is the total labour charge plus the cost of all tiles, adhesive, grout and edging trims.

High quality tiles might cost thousands of dollars to install.

– Appliances range in price from budget electric appliances to very expensive high-end appliances. Upgrade to high-end appliances and they can easily cost two or three times more.

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Glossy finishes highlight scratches, so unless you want to make the kitchen a no-go zone for the kids, you’re probably better off choosing something else.

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