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After trying to set him up countless times with her female relatives, Mark's coming out has suddenly opened up a whole new world of matchmaking possibilities...Note: There is also one more secret route to discover, but it requires looking somewhere you might not think you'd find "romance".But Mark and Jed come from two very different worlds, and what might seem like harmless fun at first might lead both men to realize something new about themselves...Phil Healy Son of a prominent politician and a new recruit into the US Army, Phil's existence is one of responsibility and dedication.Lead singer of a local punk band, Jed lives his life with reckless abandon, and is open to a great deal of "possibilities".Mark's first run in with Jed is something of a shock to say the least, but underneath the carefree veneer, Jed is a very warm and passionate man.

In reality, Mark has been hiding his sexuality for years, and has decided that now is the time to be true to himself. Studying to be a zoologist at Orlin U, Ian is seen as a ladies' man and a bit of a rascal by his peers.But with age comes a penchant for stubbornness, and a very definite set of opinions and preferences...Penny Mc Last Name Another one of Mark's best friends.Coming Out On Top is a visual novel, so the bulk of the gameplay will be reading text and making choices.(570 choices spread over 250 decision points.) There is also some light resource/stat management aspects, as you'll need to keep your grades up and your wallet filled if you want to have access to certain routes, not to mention staying in the good graces of your friends and the men you plan to pursue.

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