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The industrial revolution that swept through Europe in the mid 19th century added further fuel to the cane's enormous popularity by making production faster and much less expensive.It was during this period that the system cane or gadget cane, those that served a dual or hidden purposes, flourished.They were much more a fashion accessory than walking aide.

These rudimentary aides were indispensable as weapons, tools, supports and even as smuggling devices for money and other precious cargoes.Today, these canes are the most highly prized pieces in any collection.Walking Sticks Enjoy an Un-Cane-y Popularity Few collectibles offer a better telltale of history than canes.More than 1500 patents for these wonderful canes were applied for ranging from sword canes, to physician's canes, to fishing pole canes and even to canes that converted into bicycles.While most decorative canes were manufactured in England and France, Carl Fabergé of Russia and Tiffany Studios in America produced some of the most magnificent and expensive canes in the world.

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