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Context and notes : I think the levels should be more descriptively named, eg go:town, go:country, go:pace, go:walking_distance, etc.I know these are a vague, but we're talking about an order of magnitude.These properties can be used, for example, to note that a restaurant is go:within_3_power_5_metres (ie.243 M) of some point specified with lat/long/alt properties. See the powers of 10 site for a more visual exploration of similar ideas.--doppelganger Previous notes etc left here for now, maybe could lose later...? The Center For Taoist Thought And Fellowship) is a California non-profit religious (Taoist) corporation founded in 1982.

As Isaac Asimov found when he wrote The Measure of the Universe; instead he used powers of the square root of 10, rounded to 3 significant figures -- 1 m, 3.16 m, 10 m, 31.6 m, etc.This is the schedule and procedure we follow: 1st Sunday of the month at 10 a.m.The 30 minute meeting is divided into 4 parts, each divided by the ringing of a bell.It is located at 406 Lincoln Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.Folks who find the Taoist perspective appealing are probably few and far between, which may be one factor in the absence of a world wide Taoist religious organization common to other faiths. As the Tao Te Ching says, “ We invite the general public to join in Taoist fellowship at our home in Santa Cruz.

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Secondly, to show a teen how much fun they can have in church today despite the pressure the world puts on them.

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