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The news was broken to her by Ellen De Generes while she was a guest on the daytime talkfest.

De Anna, a brown-eyed woman became an immediate fan favorite on the ABC Television show, The Bachelorette, Season 4.

De Anna’s heartbreak was evident on the follow-up, “After the Final Rose” show.

Recognizing her popularity, ABC Television tapped De Anna to star in The Bachelorette, this time, she would be in control of her dating destiny.

Back then we caught up with Bachelors Aaron Buerge (a still single banker who’s building an empire of Trolley’s restaurants, now that he has two); Bob Guiney (now married and often mistaken for Matt Leinart — he wishes!

— or Will Ferrell, a former breath of fresh air in the world that now seems a little stale); and Andrew Firestone (and the woman he married just a couple weeks ago).

Why couldn’t they have dragged Matt and Shayne back for this cozy get-together?

Jesse told Ryan he’s glad to know that after the helicopters fly away, there can still be love, and I trust good guy Jesse’s intentions (mostly because I love his parents but also because his ability to snowboard with De Anna on his back made me swoon a little), but I’m not sure what they’ll be like as a pair when the buzz of infatuation and fame fades away. What I can’t wait to know is who’s going to be the next Bachelor. My vote’s always been firmly cast in Chicago Fred’s corner.

ABC and Chris Harrison can tell us about London Matt and Shayne’s bliss until the cows come home, but I’m still not buying what they’re selling.

And the rehashing of their romance montage and appearance last week on than she does now. NEXT: The Sutter summit So basically ABC lured us into sitting through 50 minutes of romance montages (De Anna and Jesse’s, Matt and Shayne’s) and a bunch of blather that we’d already seen, all for less than 10 minutes of Trista and Ryan giving De Anna and Jesse advice.

We also got a chance to take another walk of shame with previous bachelorettes who would have done anything (at one time) for those guys.

There were memorable nuts like season 5’s gold digger Trish (now married with stepkids and no longer the ”crazy single girl”) and season 9’s Erica Rose (who started a line of tiaras because ”every woman needs a tiara,” to which I respond, ”Every so-called princess needs to look in the mirror before letting her knockers bounce around on national television.” Thank goodness ABC hasn’t stooped to bringing her back for ).

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Ryan basically said to enjoy it while you can (”most people are nice”) but have a plan to retreat to somewhere chill like Colorado. What about ”here’s what to do when the media glare subsides” and ”here’s how to get back on magazine covers”?

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