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where men finally discovered how to finally handle this area of their lives.

Guys paid from 0 for a basic ticket to ,000 for infield training with the coaches alongside the seminar, and when I launched the page, The expert coaches I assembled from across the planet were a wild mix of low-energy introverts and daring, brazen extroverts, and the attendees all found a coach they resonated with, and gained insights on Here’s the deal.

I had to say no to free money then, because I wanted to keep the event to a small group of guys, to maintain the teacher-student ratio and create an environment for serious personal transformations.

And frankly, it A 60 minute strategy session where one of my top certified coaches goes over your personal sticking points, developing a plan to dissolve your limiting beliefs, motivating yourself and bringing your game up to the next level. Here’s why: While the coaches gave away their best secrets in the Direct Dating Summit, you weren’t there to ask questions or get your personal sticking points handled by them.

So I gave him a brotherly hug and kiss when he finally showed up, and got him If you’d like to cut the fat out of your interactions with women and jump straight to the bedsheets with her, Alan Roger Currie’s the guy for you. James Marshall: The Grumpy Old Scrooge Who Just Stares At Beautiful Girls…

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, this ex-broke musician launched himself onto the dating coaching scene with his ground-breakingly simple and pragmatic Natural Seduction principles that have transformed the sex lives of thousands of men worldwide.

What this means is that If you’re a fan of James Marshall or a fan in quality, pragmatic content that changes lives, his speech is something you don’t want to miss. Johnny Soporno: “The Devil Of Direct Dating” I met Johnny in Amsterdam at an event and he’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen on the subject of women, seduction and being a man.Though that would only reduce the price to maybe 0, I can’t price that without feeling If you’re still reading this, it’s likely that you haven’t purchased the DDS package, and you’re still thinking about whether you should give it a shot.Here’s what it is: Only you can go out there and get the results you want – the smoking hot girlfriend, the crazy harem, If you buy the DDS package and do absolutely nothing, you can’t expect any results.What this means for you is this: There’s no way you can make a mistake here.Believe me, this won’t be one of those products you’ll forget about and hardly ever look at.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what I revealed in the DDS 2-day seminar… Here’s the next coach who shared his insider information on how to be the Lothario women absolutely adore: Badboy: Europe’s Croatian Casanova!

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  1. When I go online and find myself chatting to people who I don't know, I always make sure that I don't give out any personal details, including bank or address details, and if we ever decide to meet up, it's always in a safe place.