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After the Civil War, makers used quilts to mourn or memorialize family members who had died in the conflict.

Some ladies and societies also created quilts that celebrated particular regiments or companies in the Confederate or Union armies. In , the story of Nan Kinkead’s Cave Hill Farm Quilt involves a wandering soldier and the concealment of a quilt in a cave.

Whether displayed on the walls of a museum or employed for their original purpose, Tennessee quilts embody the spirit and values of the Volunteer State better than any other tangible object.

In Alice Walker’s short story , the central conflict between two daughters—one a modern, progressive urbanite and the other a simple girl who never left the family’s rural Southern farm—is symbolized chiefly by a grandmother’s heirloom quilts.

The quilts in Walker’s story (one of which contains a scrap of material taken from a Civil War uniform) are typical of those that quiltmakers have crafted throughout American history.Until I held the doll quilt up to the light I thought the striped fabric was regular shirting, which I love.Not being one whogets into pink, it was the striped shirting that attracted me to the piece. It's a hand-stitched 9" square piece with a plain muslin backing.The squares are 1 1/2" and sewn together with tiny stitching neatly done.

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Throughout the South, quiltmakers used quilts as artistic objects to convey personal attitudes toward events of the day.

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