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Evil–looking dude named Herr Starr — can figure out what to do about it.Jesse’s list of rivals and adversaries just keeps getting longer.• You might recognize Julie Ann Emery, who plays Lara Featherstone, from .

Lara announces her plan to leave town with her baby and bids Jesse good-bye. As soon as she’s alone, Lara sheds both the blonde wig and the baby, which were part of an elaborate cover story to help her get close to Jesse.Here’s the good news: If you prefer your to be witty and bloody and stylish, “Damsels” is a banger of an episode.The main arc follows Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip into New Orleans, where they split up almost immediately.Lara seems to have stepped straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel: a beautiful blonde with a husky alto, toying with an obnoxious moron who hits on her before rejecting him flat.Jesse, who nearly married Tulip just an episode ago, is mostly immune to Lara’s charms — but when he sees her getting kidnapped by a bunch of weirdos in all-white suits with red ties and ski masks, he intervenes, using Genesis to stop their van and take her to safety.

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