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Instead of taking the standard route (relying on internal, employee backed ideas), a separate team was formed to search for breakthrough innovation that consisted of the “lead users” (read: customers). employees) were compared side-by-side in terms of revenue generated, the differences were quite drastic: The results were clear: Customers were coming up with the winning ideas more often than not.Be sure to utilize your customers to their fullest potential in your business: Customer surveys and analyzing customer feedback should be an integral part of your research.

To quote Steve Jobs: This is certainly true in some instances, as it can be rewarding for brands to give their customers things they didn’t know they needed before they even ask (i Pod anyone? Research says customers DO know what they want in many situations. ” Today, I’d like to discuss 10 such studies that reveal 10 things your customers WISH you knew about them. When it comes to customer service, we all want to “get out” quickly and get back to our lives. Luckily, one fantastic tool we have in our arsenal for creating happy customers is research in social psychology. With these insights into the human mind and research studies on customer loyalty, we can more objectively approach questions like, “What makes a happy customer?Check out this video on a memorable customer service experience from popular customer service speaker/trainer, Ross Shafer: Mr.Shafer mentions that he brings up this story almost every time he speaks: Quite an ROI for a simple can of Coca-Cola!

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It’s the process of personalization, and it’s incredibly powerful: In a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, researchers tested the effects that mints had against a control group (where no mints were given) in order to measure their effectiveness in increasing tips.

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