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Los Angeles, Dec 19: Actors Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, who played a couple on the hit sitcom “Friends”, are reportedly dating in real life.Both stars are currently single after Cox ended her engagement to Snow Patrol’s member Johnny Mc Daid in early December and Perry split from actress Lizzy Caplan in 2012.But the trick is to have your public person be this very nice thing you co-exist with, and not let it be you.And that can be difficult.’One of his problems, he says, is while he has always enjoyed making people laugh — and happily still does enjoy it, because he’s very funny — for a long time he didn’t know how to turn the funny switch off.There’s timing, there’s talent, there’s chemistry, there’s, well, who knows what there is — but whatever it was, Friends definitely had that magic attached to it,’ he says when we meet in Los Angeles.‘It had great casting, great directing, great writing.It hasn’t been off the air since we finished shooting it, and now, with Netflix, it’s getting a new audience and I am getting recognised in the street by people who weren’t even alive when we actually shot the show . .’Not only have more than two decades passed since then, but, as Matthew himself will admit, they have not been the easiest of years, many of them taken up with his all-too-public struggle with an addiction to alcohol and prescription pills.But it wasn’t the fix-it-all thing.‘It was like I’d wanted some attention, then I got this tremendous amount, but it wasn’t the right kind of attention.People are allowing you to be a certain way, and it’s tempting to be that way.

You can see in the snap that Courteney is wearing a ring on her left hand, because she was still married to her ex-husband, David Arquette, at the time.At first, people thought I should play Felix — probably because Chandler was more of a Felix-type character.But I’ve always wanted to play Oscar: he’s comfortable, and not trying to be something he’s not. I’m a lot more Oscar than I am Felix, that’s for sure!’Inevitably, he says, there have been changes since the sitcom first aired. We’ve updated that to having him host a radio sports show on the internet.He has 12 flatscreen TVs and a sports ticker tape in his apartment.

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While a real romance between these two would be a dream come true, Matthew and Courteney are most likely just very good friends.

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