Polycom phone updating initial configuration

However, you can still have access to the web interface of the VVX phones by editing some configuration settings on the devices (usually done via a configuration FTP server).Note: If you would like to make the Web Admin harder for people to find you can change the port number to something different from the default 80 or 443 settings.The tool uses the Test-Bootstrap command in the background to imitate the process of a Lync Optimised Phone connecting to the system.Part of this process is that the Lync server generates a DHCP Inform request from the Lync server and sends it out to discover the Vendor Class Options (Option 43), and SIP server Option (Option 120) which it will then use the results of to generate a PIN authentication with the system.

This will affect your ability to connect to the web interface of VVX devices when you are running them in an out-of-the-box configuration.

Below is an example of the DHCP message that the server sends out for this test: This is awesome, but in some ways not a perfect test.

It will depend on how you have set up your DHCP architecture throughout your sites as to the result of this process.

To get around this you can enable a special DCHP INFORM message responder in the Lync server.

If this setting is set to True, the Lync server will respond to INFORM requests it sees broadcast on the subnet.

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I’ve recently been doing a lot of work with deployment and management of Polycom VVX phones on Lync.

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