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And just a couple of other things:1.) Cocks do not smell like sandalwood.

Not unless you are dipping them in men’s fragrance.2.) Creaming pussies squick me out. Though, I freely admit that I was entertained by the sheer awfulness of this book.

I'd love to read more romance/erotic stories with a NA hero as a lead character. Personally, I'm living an interracial relationship, and I'm so ready and eager to read about those conflicts if the author is able to draw me in--to explain it properly and to make me feel where she's coming from. Honestly, it was a turn off, and it seriously annoyed me. Consent to Love was kindly provided by Net in behalf of Carina Press Published April 2, 2012 by Carina Press**Book provided courtesy of Net Galley & Carina Press DNF. I've got a bit of a soft-spot for hot Native American heroes so the blurb on this really grabbed me, but once I started reading, it became quickly apparent that this was not the book for I want to hold on to you and see if all these feelings explode when we're together." This is after a few minutes in each other's company. Kane's Big Issue is whether the local townsfolk could accept an interracial relationship between him and Ana.He keeps on about how the Lakota are dirt to the white folks.And I'm not even going to get into how she rubbed herself off on the saddle he made her, except to say... In spite of feeling drawn to her, Kane feels like they have no possible chance for a relationship because of the prejudices Ana would face for being with a Native American. I was.)And my personal favorite: After Kane pushed her away because they had no future, he comes to her two weeks later and says: “You have no idea how many nights I’ve lain in bed wishing your hands were touching me.”Now, I know that Ana is supposed to be a small town girl (living in a lonely world), but I’m fairly certain she can count to fourteen. Examples:“He ran his hand over his bare chest, imagining the way her hardened nipples would skim his skin.”“She found herself wanting to tear off the material, to expose her breasts and let the breeze tickle her skin.”“The way his body moved up and down with the horse spoke volumes of the prowess he had with horses.”Yes, you actually just read that sentence.Who would want to ride on it after she slimed all over it? He is a Native American who lives on a reservation outside of small town New Mexico. She is a small town barmaid who is twenty-four and only has two sexual experiences to her credit. Still, he wants her, so he proposes a weekend of nothing but sex with him on the reservation. And then…there’s this:“The pressure in his jeans grew, and not wanting to go back inside and waste his pleasure on himself, he headed toward the stables…”GTFO!

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