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Important reminder: Rake your leaves into the curb lane, one (1) foot away from the curb.Make sure to keep leaves away from storm drains and sewer grates.It is absolutely crucial that such cases be handled by experienced lawyers as quickly as the allegation is made against the client (if possible, even before the police are contacted), so that careful investigation may have a better chance of uncovering the motive to falsify.On the other hand, sometimes people do commit sex offenses because they have temporarily lost sight of proper boundaries or because they suffer from substance abuse or other psychological disorders.The most common way children are exposed to high levels of lead is through chipping, peeling or cracking lead-based paint. The City of Milwaukee currently owns several historic homes and is offering them for sale to the right owner.When lead is found in drinking water, it can be because the water dissolves the lead in pipes and plumbing. If you love the scale, details and craftsmanship of a historic home and love to renovate, we may have the perfect house for you!Now, Milwaukee is developing a global reputation for freshwater research and innovation. Check out how Milwaukee is leading at Water Centric

City of Milwaukee residents now have until Sunday, Nov.

Such cases are often no more than a swearing contest between the parties.

Yet rather than enjoying the protection of the presumption of innocence, the accused is often presumed guilty by the media and jurors called upon to decide his or her fate.

Even more troubling is the effect this prejudice has on one who is merely accused of a sexual assault.

Allegations of sexual assault frequently involve no physical evidence and no witnesses other than the accused and the accuser.

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