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As I have my custom form for editing and creating List items I can retrieve taxonomy field id and use it in the selector.

This means that if you create a subclass of Panel, and you want it to get all the Panels styling for the element and the body, you leave the base Cls x-panel and use component Cls to add specific styling for this component.Specify as an element, or the ID of an element to have this Component render to a specific element upon first show.This defaults to The base CSS class to apply to this components's element.By default, the field value is checked for validity immediately while the user is typing in the field. Text fields can be configured with custom regular expressions to be applied to entered values before validation: see mask Re and strip Chars Re for details.This can be controlled with the validate On Change, check Change Events, and check Change Bugger configurations. The base CSS class to apply to this components's element.

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