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The court ruled that Buck was legally male, and that Louisiana law would recognize this as a marriage between a man and a woman.Buck Angel said, “I was shocked that my manhood was brought into question after I had been living my authentic life as a man for over 20 years and having done my best to get all my documents changed.Richard Hernandez before his transition, pictured with his 'Mama' Amalia C.Valdez in Texas (left) and in fancy dress in 1998 (right).This is a Social and Support Group for the Transgender community and its supporters.We gather together for meetups, events, outings and fun times.Dragon lady: Tiamat is November 2012, before undergoing nose and ear surgery.

We meetup at bars, clubs, private residences, restaurants, special events and other venues.

His California birth certificate was amended several years after the marriage.

In an effort to avoid paying spousal support, Elayne attempted to argue that their marriage was invalid on the grounds that Buck’s birth certificate had not yet been amended to reflect his male gender at the time the Louisiana marriage took place.

A previous court had ruled that Beatie was legally female because he had not been sterilized and because he had given birth to the couple’s children, and therefore held their marriage was invalid because of Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The Arizona Court of Appeals echoed the arguments made in Transgender Law Center’s amicus brief that because “the right to have children is a liberty interest afforded special constitutional protection”—“one of the basic civil rights of man”—it would not interpret the Arizona or Hawaii gender-change statute as “prohibit[ing] giving birth as a prerequisite to gender redesignation.” The court also held that to deny Thomas Beatie legal recognition as male “would run afoul of the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.” “Divorce is hard enough as it is. After two and a half long years, I’ve finally been legally vindicated and validated not only as a husband, father, and a man, but as a human being,” said Beatie.

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