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We offer: full board accommodation; travelling expenses; ongoing training opportunities; logbook experience; opportunity to improve leadership skills.Canal camps offer a unique opportunity to volunteer & learn new skills, whilst helping restore some of the countrys best-loved waterways.Importantly for the future success of projects like this, 93% of participants were likely to volunteer again in the future and the same percentage would recommend volunteering to a friend or family member.

Speed volunteering has attracted a different type of volunteer to TCV. Also 20% of volunteers are from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups representing a greater level of diversity than are traditionally seen on these sorts of projects.For TCV, an important outcome of their work is whether volunteers have improved their conservation skills and their confidence and self-esteem as a result of their speed-volunteering experience.In the final stages of the project 61% of participants rated their conservation skills at 6 or above (on a scale of 1-10) and a massive 91% rating their confidence and self-esteem at 6 or above.Work commitments, looking after children and just simply having other things to do with their spare time are among the top reasons given by people for not formally volunteering on a regular basis The new London app seeks to do just that.An easy to use system allows aspiring volunteers to type into their phones, tablets or laptops the day and time slot that they have available to do something and instantly up pop all the available opportunities in their area.

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