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His latest interview is just another sign that the actor is nowhere close to those "wild years" in Hollywood that featured plenty of rumored romances in the tabloids and late nights out on the town.Today, Farrell is excited to star alongside Vince Vaughn in season two where he will play a "compromised detective" in the industrial City of Vinci in Los Angeles County.Theoretically, I ask Farrell, should I take this daily dose of Colin Farrell worship as a good sign or a red flag? Someone said to me that everyone in the script is looking for love. They’re just looking for partnership—so that they don’t get turned into an animal, and so they can just fulfill what they’ve been told their purpose in life is.“I think each person’s purpose in life is far transcendent of finding someone,” says Farrell. He dutifully checks into The Hotel and submits to its austere procedures, befriending two fellow guests, a man with a lisp (John C. After a series of halfhearted mishaps at the hotel, an increasingly desperate David makes a break for freedom and finds himself joining a guerilla group of Loners who live in the forest, under the equally stifling rule of their own dogmatic leader (Lea Seydoux). He didn’t make it.’ There were things that I read in the script where I went, ‘Hold up, did that just say his brother’s a fuckin’ dog?“I think the older you get, the more you can see pure romance as a trap and something that’s a cloak, as opposed to a veil falling, which it presents itself as initially.”Farrell looks back on his younger self and shakes his head, smiling. Either you accept and move with change or you suppress it, and I much prefer to be the former as much as I can and not the latter.“But I see love all around me in the world,” Farrell declares, sounding considerably more confident than his Lobster counterpart. We’re just a multifaceted confluence of contradictions, human beings.

But that doesn't mean she hasn't had her fair share of romances. On a bright afternoon in Los Angeles, city of hope and shattered dreams, I chat with Colin Farrell about his new film The Lobster, the realest comedy about love and relationships to come along in the new millennium. It was Lanthimos’s stunning 2009 film Dogtooth, Oscar-nominated for Best Foreign Film, that first caught Farrell’s attention and offered a hint at what the filmmaker could do with a story about the societal constructs we force upon ourselves when it comes to coupling up and living happily ever.“I had seen Dogtooth and had been blown away by how maddeningly disturbing it was, and yet how logical the whole film was as well,” Farrell remembers. ’ We hadn’t talked about the Transformation Room yet. ’”“Yorgos is keenly observant of human behavior,” he says of Lanthimos, who co-wrote the script with Efthymis Filippou.The Irish actor found himself uniquely steeped in the philosophical conflicts of dating in the modern world after starring in the satire as a recently dumped man who has 45 days to find true love—or else be turned into the animal of his choosing. “The use of language in it and the framing of the world within it was just so transportive.” (Dogtooth’s standout star Angeliki Papoulia pops up in The Lobster as a fellow hotel guest known as Heartless Woman, who David attempts to woo, with disastrous results.)The matter-of-fact absurdity of the world in which David lives immediately piqued Farrell’s interest. “He likes to play with conventions and play with any of the systems he can or has observed that we live within or under, social constrictions, whether they’re borne out of some ideology, political or religious.”Farrell’s David, like every character in the world of The Lobster, is a rather humorless fellow—obedient, unquestioning, and painfully fluent in small talk.As fate would have it, I’m dating someone who wakes up each day to Farrell’s face on their wall. They have been conditioned to believe that pairing off into relationships is the only way of life, while regressing to animal form is a mark of utter failure.“There’s almost no life to the characters,” Farrell observes.Every morning there he is, pistol in one hand and a pint in the other, those supremely emotive eyebrows silently pondering life and death and all that falls in between on the poster for In Bruges, the film that won the Irish actor the Golden Globe in 2009. “They’ve been so broken by dogma that they have no idea.

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”Now 39 with two children from past relationships, he says he still considers himself a romantic.

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