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HE IS THERE TO GIVE YOU THE D FOR FREE” She has many other helpful tips, and the sad thing is that the entire article is NOT done in caplocks and one thing I have learned from Rebecca is how awesome using caplock is so I am going to ask Koa if I can write ALL OF MY ARTICLES IN CAPLOCK.Rebecca offers these other bon mots for your consideration: This is why you only partially put out.Anyway, stay tuned for much more because we’ll be posting some fun shit in the HIM SERIES.

If they tell you differently it’s probably to make you feel good or to keep their ass(es) out of the hot seat.

This series is targeted towards women but this post in particular is for the single ladies.

Single babes need some love during the month of love, right?

Dance, stick your tongue down his throat, grab his junk for an over the pants handy, whatever, just don’t go home with him.

Yeah he might go home with someone else that night, but the morning after he’s going to remember the girl that proudly displayed her thong on her back like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre while rubbing it on his junk, not the nice Communications major that like, is so like into like, something he doesn’t remember because it didn’t relate to getting his D wet.2. Not literally because that would look stupid, but say something that implies you’re about to leave so he asks for your number.

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